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Are you manufacturer or agent?

Bossray Machinery is the State-of-the-art manufacturer of CNC Tube bender and Lasertubes. /aboutus.htmAs be your specialist technology partner for high-performance CNC Tube bending and Laser cutting machines solutions that are perfectly tailored to your individual needs. For decades, our company has been synonymous with innovation and quality, thanks to our ongoing efforts to improve set new standards in tube bending and cutting technology. Applying our passion, inventiveness and decades of experience, we develop unique and innovative product to ensure your lasting market success.

How to choose CNC pipe bending machines, CNC Mandrel tube benders?

When you choosing CNC pipe bending machines, you can consider some key factors to ensure the selection of the correct benders. Here are some suggested elements:Precision and stability: Ensure that the CNC pipe bending machines has high precision and stability, which can ensure product quality.Production efficiencies: Considering the feeding, rotation and bending speed, automation level, and production capability of the bending machines to improve production efficiencies.Flexibility and applicability: Choose CNC pipe bending machines that can meet various pipe bending needs, adjust flexibly, and be suitable for different materials.Easy operation: Ensure that the CNC pipe bending machine is easy to operate and learn, reducing employee training costs and operational difficulties.After sales services and supports: Choose a manufacturer with a good after-sales service and support system to ensure smooth operation of the equipment and timely resolution of problems.Cost effectiveness: Taking into account equipment prices, maintenance costs, and service life, choose a CNC pipe bending machine that meets the budget and has good cost-effectiveness.By considering the above factors comprehensively, you can better choose a CNC pipe bending machine that is suitable for your enterprise's needs. We hope these elements are helpful to you!Contact us at Bossray

Can your CNC tube benders handle different materials like stainless steel or aluminum?

Absolutely! Our CNC tube benders are equipped to work with a range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and more, ensuring versatility for our clients' projects.

What types of CNC tube bending services does your business offer?

We specialize in precision CNC tube bending machines for a variety of applications, including automobile, aerospace, construction, and custom projects etc. Our state-of-the-art CNC Tube benders and Lasertubes can handle tubes pipes of various sizes and materials.