CNC Pipe Bending Machines for Stainless Steel Pipe and Tubes 2 1/2 inches capability
CNC Pipe Bending Machines for Stainless Steel Pipe and Tubes 2 1/2 inches capability

Item specifics

Bending capability OD×WT
Φ63.5×2.0 mm
Bending speed
Max. 140°/sec
Feeding speed
1000 mm/sec
Feeding accuracy
±0.1 mm
Rotating speed
Rotating accuracy
220V, 380V, 415V, 440V, 480V, 600V 3P
Mandrel bending
Ball Mandrel
CNC Bending
Cold Draw Bending



CNC Pipe Bending Machines 2 1/2 inches for Stainless Steel
Bossray CNC Pipe Bending Machines handle everyday bending tasks as well as the most demanding, high-precision jobs. These CNC 3D pipe bending machines are perfectly suited for production in any industrial setting including Automobile, Motorcycle & ATV, Fitness GYM, Medical and Furniture, etc. Our newest CNC pipe bending machines are available in all-electric, hybrid electric, or hydraulic drive models. Bossray CNC pipe bending machines provide energy-efficient production with the most advanced technology and features. Additionally, our CNC pipe bending machines function alone or seamlessly integrate into any production setup. Bossray can combine any CNC pipe bending machines with our automated loaders/unloaders robot arms or CNC laser tube to create a custom work cell solutions. These custom work cells increase production and free up your staff for more important tasks. Request a quote for any of our CNC Pipe bending machines online.
63CNC CNC Pipe Benders
63CNC Pipe Bending Machines Parameter



Bending capability OD×WT (carbon steel):

Φ63.5×2.0 mm

Bending radius:


Bending angle


Max bending length with mandrel:


Bending speed:

Max. 140°/sec

Bending accuracy:


Feeding speed:

1000 mm/sec

Feeding accuracy:

±0.1 mm

Rotating speed:
Rotating accuracy:


Tools stack:

1 or multiple


Electric Servomotor


Electric Servomotor


Electric Servomotor

Work head shift (horizontal):

Electric Servomotor

Work head shift (vertical):

Hydraulic /Electric Servomotor option

System hydraulic pressure:


Packing size refer:


Weight refer:


63CNC Mandrel Pipe Bending Machines Video
Bossray CNC Pipe Bending machine are the advanced pipe bending machines with multi-axis servo motor controlling and multi-layer moulds function.

63CNC Pipe Bending Machines Features and Advantages
  • 1Bend-arm (C-axis) by Hydraulic / Servomotor
  • 2Clamp die by hydraulic or servomotor; pressure die by hydraulic or servomotor.
  • 3Carriage (Y-axis) by servomotor.
  • 4With rear booster is driven by a servo motor.
  • 5Collets (B-axis): rotation by servo motor, grip by hydraulic or servomotor.
  • 6 With the roll bending function, can make a big radius by rolling.
  • 7Tooling shift: motion up-down by hydraulic or servomotor with brake; left-right by servomotor.
  • 8PDA (pressure die assist): by hydraulic or servomotor.
  • 9Automatic moving parts lubrication systems.
  • 10Standing pedestal, serves emergency stop, double-hand startup, and remote control.
  • 11Industrial PC (windows system) assorted with touch screen display, 3D preview, remote control, 3D bending simulation, and collision prevention.
Bossray Aluminum pipe bending
Bossray thin wall mandrel pipe bender
Bossray CNC Rolling
Bossray tight radius pipe bending
  • 1Multi radius
  • 2Left and right direction bending
  • 3Punching device
  • 4Cutting device
  • 5Safety fence
  • 6Safety mat or Light curtain protection
  • 7Bend 1.0*D radius or more tight radius
  • 8Fan / Water / Oil cooling system
  • 9Robot loading and unloading systems
  • 10Safe blanket / Infrared alarm device
  • 11SIEMENS 3D convert 
  • 12Electric power supply transformer
  • 13Quick tooling change 
  • 14Special tooling design and brass mandrel