High Precision Tube Metal Fiber Laser Cutter CNC Laser Cutting Machine 2kw 3kw 6kw
High Precision Tube Metal Fiber Laser Cutter CNC Laser Cutting Machine 2kw 3kw 6kw

Item specifics

Cutting diameter
20 to 380 mm
Maximum tube weight
700 kgs
Laser type
Fiber Laser
Laser source
Cutting Speed
Laser Head



All-around Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machines
Bossray CNC Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machines for
Save time and reduce the number of components.
Make tubular frames and metal structures that are more precise and faster to assemble.
Complete your part in one programming step, in one machining step, and on one system.
You can laser-cut tubes of any circular, rectangular, open or special cross-section as well as extrusions and profiles.
Bossray CNC Fiber Laser Tube
CNC Laser Tubes Parameter



Effective Tube Cutting Length:


Laser Output Power:

6000W / 3000W / 1500W
Effective Round Tube Cutting Diameter:

Effective Square Tube Cutting Diameter:

25x25,  350x350

Rectangular tube Edge Length:

X/Y-axis positioning accuracy:

X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy:
X axis maximum speed:
Y axis maximum speed:
Rotating accuracy:


CNC Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machines Video
Lasertube, your new competitive edge
Bossray CNC Fiber Laser Square tube
Double-chucks with Upgraded Processing Ability
Longer: achieve 9000mm
Heavier: achieve 700Kg
Rectangle/Round Tube Clamping Range: 20-360mm
Bossray CNC Fiber Laser Tube fully sealing chuck
Fully-sealing and Professional Chucks
Avoid dust to enhance chuck's working life.
Bossray CNC Fiber Laser Tube chucks
Whole-track Rectangular-circle Chucks
More convenient for loading, without processing pause.
Achieve types diameters of single rectangular/round/I-beam/H-beam
Design of parts and frames in a three-dimensional graphical CAD/CAM environment designed to exploit every performance margin of the Bossray Lasertubes.
Libraries of functions that speed up and simplify design on the tube.
Accurate batch time and cost estimates for a detailed estimate.
Remote planning and real-time monitoring of work in progress.
All this and more makes a difference every day in terms of being able to make full use of a laser cutting system, reducing unproductive downtime times and eliminating waste.
A choice of value also involves software.
Bossray CNC Fiber Laser Tube controller
CNC Lasertube Features and Advantages
  • 1Gas-saving Nozzle with Steady Flow
  • Cutting performance and efficiency are improved by maintaining gas flow steady with little turbulence.
  • 2Bossray Lightning
  • The lightning-quick piercing process combined perfectly with BossrayGenius completes the whole piercing just during the laser cutter head moves down on Z-axis.
  • 3Angle Steel and Channel Steel Cutting
  • Angle steel and channel steel cutting are standard with no need for additional installation.
  • 4Four-side Edge Searching, Higher Precision
  • Optimized edge searching method and algorithm guarantee higher cutting precision and better steadiness of the laser cutter.