CNC Tube Benders Die Sets
CNC Tube Benders Die Sets

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Tube outside diameter
Tube outside diameter



There are distinct differences from what would be considered sets of bender tooling and a tooling system. Simply defined a set of tools typically refers to the (generally five piece) family of dies to bend a tube for a given outside diameter and wall thickness, to a single specified centerline radius. A fabricating company may have dozens of tooling sets each specific to the job it is designed for, and the machine designated to perform the job. In the case of a bending job shop they may have hundreds of die sets.
Rotary draw bending is by nature more involved and complicated but subsequently the most versatile. It is the only method that is suitable to produce high quality wrinkle free bends in tight radius thin wall tubes. It is by far the most used for any application where support is needed to control the stretching and compression of material and simultaneously prevent the tube from collapsing.
Bossray bending tooling sets
Tube O.D. and Wall Thickness
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Degree of Bending
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Interlock Dimensions
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Bossray Clamp dies
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As one of the world's elite bending die makers, Bossray supplies the entire package for rotary-draw tube and pipe-bending. Our dies are manufactured with CNC machining, the most advanced machining technology in the industry, making our new generation of Bossray die sets unsurpassed in fit and finish. Whether you need bend, clamp, or pressure dies, Bossray has what you need. Plus, these tube and pipe-bending dies are tough!
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