Wholesale CNC Tube Benders Die Sets - Onsite Training, Spares, and Customized Services
Wholesale CNC Tube Benders Die Sets - Onsite Training, Spares, and Customized Services

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Bend die
CLR x 2
Clamp die
Pipe outside diameter
Pressure die
Pipe outside diameter
Ball Mandrel
Pipe inner diameter
Wiper die
Pipe outside diameter
Pipe outside diameter



What was started as an integration strategy to stay in control of the processes can easily become a nightmare. The reality is that when problems develop, parts fail to ship or the quality of them regularly fails to meet the needs, even a qualified and capable outside source has its hands tied to come in and offer more than a quick band aid on the fly.
Bossray Rotary draw bending is by nature more involved and complicated but subsequently the most versatile. It is the only method that is suitable to produce high quality wrinkle free bends in tight radius thin wall tubes. It is by far the most used for any application where support is needed to control the stretching and compression of material and simultaneously prevent the tube from collapsing.
Bossray bending die sets
Tube O.D. and Wall Thickness
Center Line Radius CLR
Make and Size of Benders
Degree of Bending
Rotation of Bender
Interlock Dimensions
Desired Production
Bossray pipe bending machine clamp die
Bossray CNC pipe bending die sets
As one of the world's elite bending die makers, Bossray supplies the entire package for rotary-draw tube and pipe-bending. Our dies are manufactured with CNC machining, the most advanced machining technology in the industry, making our new generation of Bossray die sets unsurpassed in fit and finish. Whether you need bend, clamp, or pressure dies, Bossray has what you need. Plus, these tube and pipe-bending dies are tough!
Bossray CNC tube bending ball mandrels
Bossray CNC pipe bending square ball mandrels
More often than not we would move to a type 6 design and be done with it. As we are building a system to ensure optimal compatibility we are going a slightly different route. It has been found that using the attributes of both these dies in a hybrid design can bring about the most versatile and strongest platform This will be the first design point we will build on. First however we need to get some other basics considered. There are several schools of thought regarding Interlocking dies that should be factored in as well at this point.